Air Conditioning System Cleaning

Air Conditioning System Cleaning – Duct and Plant (H.V.A.C)

We use the latest in pneumatic technologies from around the world to clean air conditioning systems to original. Self-propelling cleaning nozzles access all duct surfaces by propelling 130 CFM 100psi volumes of air to blast the debris from internal walls whilst insuring no damage to internally lined duct. At the point the cleaning hose enters the duct an 1100l/s with Hepa filtration (99.97%) vacuum extraction unit is fitted and, as the nozzle compressed air blows the four internal surfaces, the greater negative air draws the debris into its multi filtered collection chambers.

Individual outlets are foam blocked whilst compressed air cleaning works are performed then cleaned and restored upon completion.

Dunbar clean the plant coils, condensate trays, fans and all chamber surfaces and can add a decontaminator to ensure the units are ready for commissioning. Surface painting, unit labelling, waterproof coatings and insulation repairs can be performed if required.

Air Conditioning System Coil Before and After CleaningAir Conditioning Coil Cleaning

By using a unique pressure cleaning and water extraction system we can restore your heating or cooling coils (both plant and in line) to regain air flow, recovering previous air pressure loss from blocked fins. Dunbar apply an inhibitor to restrict microbial growth and can perform before and after pressure tests to quantify the flow increases. Coil cleaning is paramount to energy efficiency and retaining the design installed air balances. Research findings indicate that coil fouling alone can add up to 100Pa above design specifications to the system. In a larger Variable Air Volume system required to move an average 40m3/s with an artificially elevated resistance of 50 Pa this equates to $1,664.00 per annum based on .10c kWh and 12 hours per day run time.

(source: The Hotel Engineer Published  by Adbourne Publishing Victoria)

Air Conditioning Decontamination

Upon cleaning of Air Conditioning duct work, we can then treat the internal surfaces with a product that will remove airborne bacteria and mould within the system and retard its growth for up to six months. This treatment is specifically designed for Air-conditioning systems. Dunbar are approved, trained and qualified applicators of Aeris products.

Air Grill Cleaning

Dunbar Services can facilitate the cleaning of all air registers from fresh air to supply and return, whether it is on a scheduled service routine or as required to aesthetically enhance your surroundings. Dunbar can replace broken grills and vents plus change out filter media in return air systems

Minesite Split Air Conditioning System CleaningWall Split A/C Units Cleaning

All air conditioners provide an excellent breeding ground for mould – the dark, moist and usually dusty conditions supply the food and moisture required for mould to grow. Along with the health effects of mould exposure, dirty split systems can result in poor ventilation in rooms resulting in increased carbon dioxide concentrations when the room is occupied causing potential health effects, including lethargy and inability to concentrate.

Dunbar Services can perform pre-remediation surface sampling, clean and re mediate the split system air-conditioner including the cooling coil, return air filter, scroll fan and housing. Clearance testing can be conducted on completion of works to certify the unit as being free from contamination. Cleaning of wall mounted split systems is also beneficial in saving on energy costs by reducing energy consumption of the units.

EVM 7 Unit used to measure indoor air qualityMicrobial Testing

Dunbar Services can perform surface swabs, plus airborne sample tests, checking for mould, fungi & bacteria in:

Dunbar’s calibrated air sampling unit draws a measured quantity of air across a sampling plate which is then analysed for microbial growth plus species identification. Testing is performed at the state’s leading NATA and AQIS certified, independent laboratory. Once identified the correct remediation process is detailed and actioned upon instruction.

Dunbar adopt and adhere to the WHO (World Health Organization) guideline for indoor air quality standards.

Video Probe Video Probe Inspections

Specialised probe video heads with inbuilt lighting are sent through ducting or similar small openings for up to 18 metres to assist with problem identification and condition inspections. All footage is then converted to DVD or USB for viewing on Windows PC.

Insulation Coatings

We reduce the risks of deteriorated insulation fibres within air handling units and ducts being transferred to occupied areas by applying bonding products designed to coat the interior surfaces thus extending the life of the system plus reducing exposure.

Synthetic mineral fibres (SMF’s) in airstreams can cause eye, skin and respiratory irritation which can directly affect office absenteeism.

Coating of the insulation extends the life of the duct and the microbial inhibitors within dramatically reduce the occurrence of mould and fungal growth within the air handling system.

Access Panel Installation

Dunbar Services supply and professionally install a variety of access panels to facilitate duct inspection, cleaning or maintenance requirements.

Air Conditioning System Cleaning and DecontaminationMould & Fungal Remediation

In humid environments there is often accumulated mould and fungal growth throughout the occupied areas. Dunbar will:

Mould remediation is performed to international (WHO, US EPA) and Australian (AIRAH) guidelines as detailed below. Information regarding mould remediation and health effects of mould in the indoor air environment can be found below:

World Health Organisation (WHO): Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality: Dampness and Mould

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA): A Brief Guide to Mould in the Workplace

AIRAH: HVAC Best Practice Guidelines


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