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High Access Cleaning With EWPKitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Our extensive cleaning of kitchen exhausts ranges from small commercial to multi story extraction systems. Canopies are hand chemically cleaned and flue ducting accessed (inspection plates fitted where necessary) and cleaned thoroughly. Fan units are dry cleaned to prevent electrical damage and fire risk.

In accordance with Insurance Company requirements and Australian Standard 1851 2005, we design a cleaning regime for air exhaust systems. This enables you to carry out your duties with the knowledge that regular pre-determined intervals of cleaning are being carried out by professionals on your system.

Completion certificates can be supplied for insurance and health authority reference along with log book sign in sheets to assist with monitoring service calls.

Kitchen Exhaust Filter Exchange Service

We exchange your soiled kitchen exhaust filter for a clean one on a monthly basis as per AS1851.18 2005. Upon purchase of an exchange stock, Dunbar Services can provide a rotating filter service. Whilst your filters are being cleaned the interim filters are in the hood and meeting the fire and health standards. The soiled filters are boxed then couriered to our approved workshop for professional spray and heat dip cleaning as per Australian Standards and O.H.S requirements. This service assists with maintaining the designed airflow as filters that are not pressure cleaned & heat dipped can retain debris within their core and eventually block up while the exterior surface still looks clean.

Total Kitchen Cleaning

The company offers an extensive kitchen cleaning service for our customers requiring either a full kitchen cleanup on walls and floors or specialized individual items rejuvenated. Our services include cleaning of cool rooms, refrigeration coil decontamination and cooking equipment cleaning.

Minesite Air Handling UnitHVAC System & Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning

Dunbar uses the latest in pneumatic technologies from around the world to clean a/c systems to original. Self propelling cleaning nozzles access all duct surfaces by propelling 130 CFM 100 psi volumes of air to cut the debris from internal walls whilst insuring no damage to internally lined duct. The debris is collected by an 1100 litre per second vacuum. All of our vacuums are fitted with Hepa 99.97% filtration to ensure optimum efficiency and eliminate any O.H.S risk to yourself, your staff or your customers.

Air Conditioning Decontamination

Upon cleaning of Air Conditioning duct work, we can then treat the internal surfaces with a product that will remove airborne bacteria and mould within the system and retard its growth for up to six months. This treatment is specifically designed for Air-conditioning systems

Air Grill Cleaning

Dunbar Services can facilitate the cleaning of all air registers from fresh air to supply and return whether it is on a scheduled service routine or as required to aesthetically enhance your surroundings.

Fridge Coil Cleaning & Sanitation

To remove microbiological contamination, dust and dirt – resulting in decreased energy consumption, increased food hygiene and increased unit efficiency – by pressure cleaning the refrigeration coil fins from both sides, cleaning the fan units, including protective grills, and cleaning the condensate trays to waste. A food grade approved sanitiser is applied to the unit, coils and trays to restrict mould & fungal growths for a period of up to 6 months.

Wall Split A/C Units & Condenser Cleaning plus Decontamination

Dunbar professionally pressure spray clean the wall mounted split a/c units’ including the coil, fan scroll, filters and front grill. Once cleaned Dunbar insert decontaminate onto all internal surfaces to assist with the prevention of mould and fungal growth.

Airconditioning DecontaminationBathroom Exhaust Cleaning

Dunbar use a combination of compressed air cleaning and brush heads to dislodge the debris accumulated on the internal surfaces of ducted exhaust systems then proceed to air blast the fan unit to remove build up from the fan motor and blades. The ceiling grills are cleaned and the system is restored to designed operating functionality.

Dunbar also clean ceiling or window exhausts by removing the covers for cleaning, clean the fan blades and motor housing then reinstate the cover before recommissioning.

Mould Remediation

In humid environments there is often accumulated mould and fungal growth throughout the occupied areas. Dunbar initially examines for the causes, eliminates or makes recommendations to prevent re-occurrence, develops a remediation strategy to rectify then decontaminates all surfaces affected. On completion swab samples are taken for independent analysis to confirm effectiveness and bench mark the contamination levels for future reference.


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