Fan Repair & Hire

Minesite KES Fan CleanBreakdown Service

Dunbar Services have an emergency call out service should you have a fan unit failure and need it resolved as quickly as possible.

Our electricians will quickly identify the cause and rectify immediately where possible or alternatively work with you to ensure the soonest turnaround possible.

Where necessary, Dunbar Services may be able to install a temporary hire fan to facilitate airflow.

Replacement Fan

Dunbar Services can arrange for your fan unit replacement or upgrade to suit your application.

We install all types of new fans from ceiling exhaust units to large industrial smoke spill units and everything in between.

Our project management team arrange everything from airflow measuring to ensure the correct size unit for the application through to modifications, electrical, installation and commissioning.

Hire Fans

Dunbar Services have an assortment of emergency fan units available for hire to get you up and running asap including kitchen exhaust fans, toilet exhaust units or just air transfer units.

We can remove your broken or redundant unit and install our temporary fan whilst your old unit is being repaired new fan is on its way.

Dunbar Services can perform modifications to your system to get you operational as quickly as possible so you can get back to business.


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