San Air Large Air Handler Pack

The San-Air Air Handler 1000gm pack is ideal for large air handlers, typically 4000 Lt/s of air to 10,000 Lt/s of air. Place in front of coils or in the space between the intake filters and coil bank after removing the red cap from either side of the block. Depending on the size of the cooling coil banks there could be needed to install one of these packs in front of each coil bank.

Also, use for pre-treatment for mould remediation work.

Use examples for this pack size:

  • Ducted systems – place in the return air box
  • Large Air handlers (for example shopping centres, large gyms, open office areas) – place in return air plenum.
  • Basement areas with poor fresh air access.
  • Any air handling system which is about to be mould remediated, to reduce risk to personnel, leave 1000 gm packs to pretreat equipment for a few days.

Air flow: 4000L

Order code: DS508

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 17 × 12 cm

San-Air – Air Handler – Large 1000g