Sanitisation & Decontamination

In this time of extreme alert Dunbar are here to assist in the rapid deployment of its highly trained and specialised staff for facility sanitisation and decontamination.

We have been in the industry facilitating these services for over 20 years in Hospitals, Government sectors, Facility Management companies and the private sector. Dunbar have been on the front line in Risk Mitigation against microbial contamination in health facilities by controlling microbial outbreaks and implementing strategies to manage re-occurrence through best industry practice with independently proven products with microbial inhibitors.

How do viruses like COVID -19 spread?

Coronavirus, like other viruses, host in bacteria that can attach to organisms such as mould (PM10) and this, in turn, attaches to micro-surfaces like dust and pollen (<PM10).

We breathe in the dust & pollen and this transports the virus to our respiratory system where its aggressive reproduction commences and those susceptible are at most risk.

Additionally, transfer of the virus to humans is via bacteria accumulation on contaminated surfaces being spread by hand to nose, mouth, ears and eyes.

Sanitisation and Decontamination Specialist

Risk Mitigation Against Infection


This is a precautionary risk mitigation process to diminish viral contamination by reducing those elements that facilitate the transfer of viruses to humans. By thermal & mist sanitizing occupied spaces, plus the air conditioning that recirculate these areas, limits the necessary carriers of virus and bacteria.

Utilization of a slow release, proven microbial inhibitor SanAir, prevents the reoccurrence of bacterial, mould and fungal accumulation within these areas


This is a reactive process to an already identified contamination and is the next level of protection in reestablishment of an occupied space for habitation. This involves a higher level of safety precaution, concentration levels of decontaminate plus qualifying outcomes with microbial testing of surfaces and conditioned space on completion.


Maintaining the environment after the thorough sanitization or decontamination is simple with SanAir products. Their proven active capabilities to eliminate microbials by means of natural & safe evaporation into the airstreams and settling on surfaces ensures there is a constant replenishment of antimicrobial at all times. The surface spray solutions are for the frequently used areas such as door handles, chairs and desk/table tops including keyboards and mouse.


Proactive personal hygiene by means of washing hands, surface cleaning and social distancing is good practice. Antimicrobial waterless hand sanitizer from SanAir and surface spray products are the next layer of protection against microbial contamination. Personal units for cars & travelers have an evaporative gel for a bubble-like personal protection against airborne contamination.



This is the process of producing a fine thermal smoke mist that rapidly carries micro droplets of sanitizing inhibitors throughout an area which settle on all surfaces to kill microbial contamination.

The air conditioning system is operative during this process and the decontaminate is drawn through the return air to plant then redistributed through the supply air outlets. This is the most thorough & rapid method for sanitizing/decontaminating an occupied space from a small living quarters to a large stadium.


This is the process of splitting antimicrobial solution droplets to an ultra-fine sanitizer mist that propel into occupied spaces & settle on exposed surfaces to kill microbial contamination. Although not as expedient at sanitizing/decontaminating large areas it is highly effective for general occupied areas and as a backup for thermal fogging.


As the splits are the breeding ground for microbials Dunbar would clean the split air conditioner filter, spray the coil with microbial decontaminate concentrate and install a 15ml SanAir gel to mitigate risk of contaminates in the room for up to 5 weeks. After this time a simple replacement of the 15ml gel will keep the microbial levels at bay and continue to reduce the risk of viral infections.

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