Dunbar Eco Grease Lifter features new technological breakthroughs in chemical design to penetrate the toughest of greases, lifts it away from the surfaces and best of all it ticks all the right boxes for the environment and end users.

It is changing the way we make cleaning products.

Dunbar Eco Grease Lifter is:

  • BiodegradableEco Grease Lifter 2
  • User friendly
  • Non Caustic
  • Noxious odour free
  • Aluminum surface safe
  • Reduces cleaning times
  • Transports by Land , Sea or Air as non-dangerous good
  • Classified as a Non-hazardous chemical


The concentrate, through dilution, is a one product solution and replaces a multitude of environmentally and menacing to human cleaning agents commonly found in a cleaners arsenal.

Although precautions are prudent, this is the safest high powered degreaser ever produced and eliminates the incidence of skin blistering from caustic based products, this product has become a preferred brand within the mining and healthcare industies.


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Dunbar Eco Grease Lifter – 5 Litres